We are Committed to Provide Financial Assistance for Heavy-Ion Therapy for American Children and Veterans who could Benefit from this Advanced Cancer Cure.

Heavy-Ion Therapy destroys cancer tumor cells more effectively than any other cancer treatment available today. With Heavy-Ion Therapy, supercharged rays are focused with high precision at the tumor resulting in its destruction. The therapy shatters cancer's DNA (at more than 75% of light speed) leaving it unable to reproduce. These rays are so heavy and loaded with energy; we call them Heavy-Ion.

Precise pinpoint-targeting limits the effects to just the cancer cell leaving surrounding healthy tissue and organs intact. Thus, we can now destroy deep cancer tumors that were previously unreachable with fewer long-term effects. While standard therapy often requires 35 sessions over three months, Heavy-Ion Therapy often only requires four sessions over two weeks. Fewer treatments dramatically reduce suffering. Over 20,000 patients have been treated with the first generation Heavy-Ion Therapy in Japan and Europe with unprecedented cure rates. 

Unprecedented Cure Rates are Happening Today!

  • Brain tumors and tumors at the base of the skull have achieved a 90% five-year survivor rate.

  • Advanced pancreatic cancer results show a two-year survival rate of nearly 50%, with only 5% from traditional treatments.

  • Inoperable chordomas achieve an 85% survival rate, which is better than patients who had tumors surgically removed. 

  • 50% to 80% cure rates are achieved treating late-stage prostate, liver, rectal, lung cancers and for advanced bone and soft tissue sarcomas which, up until now, have been radiation-resistant.

  • Preliminary results in treating advanced colon, breast cancer, and additional cancers are extremely positive.

  • 50% cure rate, or higher, for inoperable spinal tumors and various tumors including adenocarcinoma, adenoid cystic carcinoma, and malignant melanoma that were completely resistant to previous therapy options.

Steven J. Frank, MD

Co-Chairman, Cancer Terminator Foundation. Medical Director, Director of Advanced Technologies, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

President & Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Breakthrough Chronic Care.

" The science community is excited.  The world's leading 40 scientists and physicians specializing in advanced Heavy-Ion Therapy have come together to create the Cancer Terminator Foundation.


The clinical results from prestigious institutions in Japan and Europe are well documented. We can cure several incurable cancers using Heavy-Ion Therapy. Although developed in the United States, Heavy-Ion Therapy is not available here due to construction costs. An unprecedented group effort has now begun to make Heavy-Ion Therapy available to patients in America. With the help of Breakthrough Chronic Care, we are committed to building several Heavy-Ion Therapy machines in the United States in the coming years. Importantly, our Foundation is sending children and Veterans for treatment in Vienna, Austria in December 2019."

The Cancer Terminator Foundation Arranges Free Heavy-Ion Therapy in Vienna, Austria for American Children and Veterans with Several different types of Cancer.

The Cancer Terminator Foundation proudly announces that in December 2019, we will provide the first Texas child with inoperative sarcoma cancer the breakthrough treatment of Heavy-Ion Therapy. In addition, we will provide a Veteran Heavy-Ion Therapy as well. Since Heavy-Ion Therapy is not yet available in the United States, the Cancer Terminator Foundation will assist in admitting the child at MedAustron Clinic in Vienna Austria. 

Prof. Dr. Eugen B. Hug

Co-Chairman, Cancer Terminator Foundation. Medical Director, MedAustron Ion Therapy Center, Vienna, Austria. Pioneer in Heavy-Ion Technologies.

The MedAustron Therapy Center in Vienna, Austria, is excited about the partnership with the Cancer Terminator Foundation to start treating American children and Veterans with this groundbreaking therapy. American patients don’t need to wait; we will work closely with the Cancer Terminator Foundation to provide immediate access to those in need. I am a co-founder of the Cancer Terminator Foundation, and this is an important part of our mission.


We have used the first generation Heavy-Ion Therapy successfully with over 8,000 patients. Up to now, the MedAustron Therapy Center has concentrated on treating brain tumors, tumors of the skull base or the spinal cord, pediatric cancers, and prostate cancer. We plan to expand the range of treatments in the upcoming years. At MedAustron Therapy Center, patients get outpatient treatment with daily irradiations over several weeks.”

The MedAustron Therapy Center is one of the most advanced cancer research and treatment facilities in the world. It is on the cutting-edge for treating several cancers with Ion Beam or Particle Therapy. MedAustron is one of a few synchrotron-based facilities worldwide to offer both Proton and Heavy-Ion Therapy. Their relationship with the Cancer Terminator Foundation will make its proprietary and advanced treatments to American cancer patients in 2019.

The MedAustron Ion Therapy Center is one of the most advanced cancer research and treatment facilities in the world. Their relationship with The Cancer Terminator Foundation will make its proprietary and advanced treatments available to American cancer patients starting in 2019.

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Theresa Gomez

"Patient Travel Concierge"

The Cancer Terminator Foundation.

"Our office assists American patients and families in planning medical trips immediately to MedAustron in Vienna, Austria. We provide turn-key service. The process includes treatment schedules, local transportation, convenient lodging, airfares, and pricing for treatment costs. I can also help with insurance questions. Please fill out the form below so we can contact you."

"Breakthrough Chronic Care is committed to helping the Cancer Terminator Foundation raise $1.5 billion dollars to build Cancer Terminators in the United States and sending American children and Veterans to MedAutron Clinic in Vienna, Austria for immediate treatment. We are working on a seven-year plan to build several Cancer Terminators so every American who needs treatment will have access whether they are a Breakthrough Chronic Care patient or not."

Jerry Woloszczuk

Co-Founder, CFO Breakthrough Chronic Care

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